Talk To A Live Person At Facebook

How To Talk To A Live Person At Facebook: If you are a facebook user who just loves browsing facebook then you must be familiar with the problem that can arise when you use it to connect with people all over the world. From account getting compromised to online threats, facebook is not immune to these online vulnerabilities that can make the experience of using this social media website a bitter one. In those scenarios, you wish to talk to someone who can solve your issues without any hassle. With facebook customer service, you can get rid of these issues in no time.

One thing that often pops up in the mind of facebook users is “from where I get contact facebook customer support number?”. Sadly, there is no such number provided by facebook with which you can talk to a live person unless Mark Zuckerberg decides so. But here’s a catch, you can still fix all the problems related to your facebook account through other means notable support page, help centre, community forum among others. This post will guide you on how to get solution of a problem in facebook with the help of different facebook support mechanisms.

Why to contact facebook customer support?

There are loads of reasons why you should be taking the necessary help from facebook technical support to fix the problems with your account. By facebook tech support, we simply mean the support provided by facebook through its different modes i.e. support pages or twitter handle etc. Here we have listed down some of the common issues that keep bugging the users-

  • Cannot create/delete account on facebook
  • How to block a user from facebook
  • How to change the privacy settings in facebook
  • Reporting or managing messages in facebook
  • Errors in sending message
  • Video call not getting placed
  • Problem in uploading photographs
  • Photos cannot be tagged. How to fix it?
  • Why facebook page got banned?
  • Page not appearing in facebook search results

The issues described above are only a handful; there can be tons of other problems encountered by a facebook user. To handle such problem, you should consult the team via different ways as mentioned below. Keep on reading to know about the ways on how to communicate with facebook for resolving problems.

Ways to contact facebook

Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t offer live chats, email support or support through phone number. But users can still reach to a solution by the means of help center, community page, support page etc provided by facebook. Here’s how to contact facebook customer service support to fix different issues-

Facebook Help centre: Help center is the best way to keep in touch with the facebook technical helpdesk. It is simply a page where you can find your issue and its corresponding solution in the same framework. All yourneed to do is search help center in search bar and select the issue you have been encountering with your facebook account. As soon as you select the problem, you’ll be presented with the steps you need to take to get rid of that issue. Follow those steps as prompted by facebook and voila! Your problem will get fixed.

Facebook business support page: Users with a business account can face number of difficulties if they do not follow the business account guidelines of facebook. In such situation, people with business account can reach to Facebook support through its exclusive facebook business support page. The page bears all the vital issues that a user can face and it also presents the possible solution to fix them on time. You can choose the topic for which you seek answer whether it is related to billing and payment, creating ads, ad delivery and performance, ad account settings, managing tools, managing business page etc and then perform the action as instructed by facebook.

Facebook options toolbar: The options toolbar is located just below the search bar in facebook. To access the toolbar, users must be logged into their account. In the options toolbar, you can find the options such as-

  • Using facebook: In case you want to know how to operate facebook, then you can figure out the answer by choosing this option. Here you will get to know about the functionality of facebook in the easiest way possible.
  • Managing your account: With the help of this option, you can set your preference for facebook profile, and manage the settings.
  • Privacy and safety: This option lets you manage and monitor your account’s security and privacy. You can unfriend a user, block a user, set your privacy as per your convenience.
  • Policing and reporting: With this option, you can report a suspicious account/person. Here you can also know more about the policies of facebook.
  • Questions you may have: You can raise a question through this option.
  • Popular topics: Here you can find the burning topics related to facebook and their solutions.

Feedback: The most intriguing way to stay in touch with facebook technical support is through feedback mechanism. It’s simply a way with which you can give a feedback to the team and also tell them about the problems where you think more attention is required. Facebook team takes these feedbacks seriously. So it’s one of the best ways to raise a complaint if you want an instant solution.

Facebook community page: The community page of facebook helps in resolving the majority of your problems and issues related to facebook. Be it reporting of a violation, account deletion, account creation, features not working, all such issues can be solved with the help of the community page.

To get in touch with facebook community, you need to login into your account and then search for the community page. You may ask your query with the help of the “ask a question” button on the community page. This way you’ll be connected to thousands of the users who are facing the same issues and some of them might have resolved it already.

You can talk to the users who have solved the problem and ask them how they did it. To make sure you get the resolution on time, keep on following the question you’ve raised in the community page. Though, facebook will also keep tabs on your query and inform you as soon as someone posted or answered something in response to your question.